Driftsands Nature Reserve

  Caitlin von Witt     2020-10-20

Driftsands Nature Reserve on the Cape Flats is managed by CapeNature, the conservation authority for the Western Cape Provincial Government. The reserve is situated on Cape Flats Dune Strandveld, which is an Endangered vegetation type endemic to Cape Town. Here reserve staff offer environmental education activities to the surrounding communities.

CapeNature manages a large number of provincial reserves across the province. It also works with private landowners through the Conservation Stewardship Programme with maintaining biodiversity on private land.

For more information, visit www.capenature.org.za or phone the CapeNature head office on 021 659 3400.


Source: City of Cape Town (2010) City of Cape Town nature reserves: A network of amazing biodiversity. City of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa.