Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area

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The Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area (KRCA) consists of approximately 52 ha, and is considered the best protected example of Cape Flats Sand Fynbos in the Cape Peninsula. Due to its location – in the middle of a racecourse – the vegetation has not been disturbed for over 100 years, and it was identified as a core botanical site and established as a conservation area in 1985. The KRCA is the largest stretch of natural vegetation remaining in Cape Town’s southern suburbs, with 283 indigenous plant species, of which 20 are endangered and two endemic. Erica verticillata and Erica turgida, both listed as Extinct in the Wild, were reintroduced in the KRCA in 2005. A small but healthy reptile, bird and mammal population can be found in the KRCA, and its seasonal wetland hosts the Critically Endangered micro frog (Microbatrachella capensis) population – the last of its kind on the Cape Flats and endemic to the southwestern part of the Western Cape. Although the area is managed by the City of Cape Town, it is owned by Gold Circle.

The KRCA has become infested with alien vegetation and domestic garden escapees. Staff and volunteers remove litter, and spend time hacking out the alien Port Jackson (Acacia saligna) trees and seedlings. The natural vegetation sometimes has to be cropped so as not to obscure the horse racing. Part of the reserve was rejuvenated by a controlled burn in March 2005.

ADDRESS: Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth
OPENING HOURS: By prior arrangement only. Booking required.
SIZE: 52 ha
ENTRANCE FEE (2020): ~R10.00
PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Train, bus or taxi
ACTIVITIES: Walks, and Friends of the KRCA activities (E-mail for bookings.)
ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Programmes and presentations available upon request
CONTACT: Tel 021 700 1843; fax: 021 797 6008


Source: City of Cape Town (2010) City of Cape Town nature reserves: A network of amazing biodiversity. City of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa.