Witzands Aquifer Conservation Area

Witzands Aquifer Conservation Area includes the Atlantis Dunefields and the Silwerstroomstrand Conservation Area. Both are priority nature sites located about 50 km north of Cape Town, and form part of the City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Network. The conservation area protects not only the Atlantis Aquifer, the main water supply for Atlantis, Mamre and Pella, but also more than 163 plant species and a rich natural and cultural heritage. The mobile dunes (without vegetation and therefore unstable) and the rocky outcrops are the two outstanding features of Witzands Aquifer Conservation Area, whilst Silwerstroomstrand also features rocky shores and a sandy beach. Cape Flats Dune Strandveld and Atlantis Sand Fynbos are the two main vegetation types. More than 50 species of water birds roost, breed and feed in the many natural and artificial wetlands found here. Lizards, amphibians, and mammals such as steenbok (Raphicerus campestris), Cape grysbok (Raphicerus melanotis), the small grey mongoose (Galerella pulverulenta), Cape mole rat (Georychus capensis) and caracal (Felis caracal) have all been recorded in the area. Of special significance is the globally threatened black harrier (Circus maurus), which is successfully conserved in both the Atlantis Dunefields and Silwerstroomstrand Conservation Area.

ADDRESS: Corner of R27 and Dassenberg Drive, Atlantis
OPENING HOURS: For activities in the Atlantis Dunefields: 07:00-19:00 (permits available on-site)
SIZE: Approximately 3 000 ha
ENTRANCE FEE (2020): Adults R50.00 on foot; R205.00 per 4X4 vehicle (max. 4 people); R118.00 per quadbike/motorcycle; R68.00 sandboarding (for annual permits, special rates and updates, visit www.capetown.gov.za/naturereserves)
ACTIVITIES AND FACILITIES: Sand-boarding, beach-walking, rock pools, filming, 4×4 driving, camping (caravans, chalets & tents), picnic sites, braai areas, birdwatching, whale watching and fishing (permit required). Guided hikes are available upon request.
ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION: Formal programmes by appointment
FILMING: Small companies (still shoots) with a maximum of ten vehicles and 25 people pay one rate, with a higher rate applying for commercials and film shoots
CONTACT: Tel 021 400 6000; fax 086 628 4872
E-MAIL: witzandsnature.reserve@capetown.gov.za


Source: City of Cape Town (2010) City of Cape Town nature reserves: A network of amazing biodiversity. City of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa.