Zoarvlei Wetlands

  Online Brand Ambassador     2020-05-21

Zoarvlei Wetlands are situated between the Paarden Eiland Industrial Centre and the suburbs of Rugby and Brooklyn. Most of the 140 ha of wetland is a dense mat of tall reeds, with a small stretch of open water near Brooklyn Chest Hospital. Here, 87 plant species and many birds are protected, and a great many water birds and gulls congregate. The open water can be reached along a sandy path from Donegal Road, Rugby – look out for giant molehills, a selection of spring flowers and many annual flowers.

Zoarvlei has the potential to be an attractive area, as it is home to so many plant and bird species. At present, though, it is not visitor-friendly and further spoiled by illegal waste dumping. However, funding from CoastCare has been obtained, and the area is being rehabilitated. Also, the West Coast Field Studies Centre runs popular environmental education programmes at Zoarvlei to enhance the area’s value to the public.

ADDRESS: Between Donegal Street, Rugby; and Milner Street, Metro Industrial Township
OPENING HOURS: Not applicable
SIZE: 140 ha
ENTRANCE FEE (2020): None
ACTIVITIES: Walking, birdwatching
CONTACT: Tel 021 444 0315; fax 021 444 7226
E-MAIL: tablebay.naturereserve@capetown.gov.za


Source: City of Cape Town (2010) City of Cape Town nature reserves: A network of amazing biodiversity. City of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa.